Monarch eggs!

Last Friday, May 14, the children and I saw our first Monarch butterfly of the year. On the 17th we found eggs in a milkweed patch, and on the 20th we saw the first hatchlings!

These photos were taken with a cell phone through a 16x loupe. I was pretty pleased how they came out, and they are easier to share than the pictures from my big camera awaiting processing so here they are: Monarch, Danaus plexippus, on Spider Milkweed, Asclepias viridis, in Johnson County, Missouri.

Green milkweed buds with a pearlescent ridged white Monarch butterfly egg
Monarch butterfly egg on Spider Milkweed
Tiny yellow, white, and black Monarch caterpillar on a green milkweed leaf
Day-old Monarch butterfly caterpillar on a Spider Milkweed leaf

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