Painting While I Can

Allena sitting at her booth showing a painting in progress
Allena Yates’s booth at the Chapter and Story Holiday Event, November 2020

(Written November 21, 2020)

There is a craft fair today.

I am sitting by the cold of the door painting little birds on small wood pieces. I am greeting people, making tentative connections, occasionally chatting, even selling a few paintings.

One gentleman came by and commented on my precision work, noting sadly that the shakes came by and hit him a few years ago. I made a sympathetic comment, but it sounded inane even to my ears. For a skilled artisan, the loss must have been great.

Thank you, Sir, for reminding me why I am doing this now. Why I am carving out time amidst the whirlwind of raising and teaching children, when life is so full it seems like it may burst at the seams.

Cardinal painted on a small wood slice
Cardinal in Flight

There is no guarantee that I will still be able to paint when life gets less busy. There is no guarantee of a continual steady hand or good eyesight until my children grow up and move away.

Aside from any other benefits of doing art with children, this is when I am physically capable of doing this work. It may be now or never. I think it is worth doing now.