Who, me?

I have been listening to the book Finish by Jon Acuff. In one section he talks about “noble obstacles,” things that seem noble to do but really throw a wrench into the works of the goal. One of his examples was a woman who wouldn’t start her blog until she talked to a copyright lawyer, for fear of someone stealing her content.

My husband heard that part and gave me a long look. I said, “We don’t know anyone like that, do we?” He had the audacity to actually say out loud, “Just you.”

The nerve of that man! I don’t need to talk to a lawyer first. I just want to register my copyrights. To everything. Before I use the pictures. Because it’s cheaper 750 at a time unpublished than registering every three months after they’re published, of course.

There, you see, I have good reasons for not having my stuff out there yet. Because with six children and some dairy goats to take care of, it’s pretty hard to get the time to go through 16 years of digital pictures (two years are already done) and predict the 750 I will want to use from each year, spend $55/batch to register them (if it hasn’t gone up), and keep track of the registry to make sure I only use the registered frame of a series that has 30 nearly identical photos.

It’s enough to make a girl just want to pick up a book instead of even trying. What? Are you looking at me too?

Goat kid looking at the camera
Who’s looking at whom?

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