Welcome. A Rose Designs was established in 2002 to share the beauty of God’s creation through the art of Allena Yates, including watercolor, drawing in various media, and photography. Mrs. Yates holds a Master of Arts degree in Biology and likes to make art that can teach while as well as entertain.

Small Things, Small Ice Storm

Hiya, folks!

The New Year seems like a good time for starting a blog and I expect it to be a fun way to show some of my pictures, so here goes. Welcome to the blog for A Rose Designs. This is the Day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Last night the weather reports were for severe ice, and we were in the red “1/2 to 1 inch of freezing rain” area. We rushed off to Church last night so we wouldn’t have to go anyplace today and prepared for the electricity to go out. I watched the radar projections last night and stuck my hand out a little after midnight to feel the beginning of a fine mist. I went to sleep expecting to awaken to a winter wonderland.

Well, there was no cause for panic in my neck of the woods. The roads may have been slick early in the morning, but I had to get a little creative to find interesting ice pictures. No red berries encased in ice here, but . . .

The children’s play house had pretty icicles.

playhouse with icicles
Children’s playhouse with icicles

Ooh, and the evergreen bush by the house is always a good bet for something interesting in ice or snow, and it did not fail me today.

Evergreen needles with water droplet
Evergreen with water droplet and ice

I took a walk around and started to think there wouldn’t be much to photograph, but I like little things. And I found some little things in this little ice.

There were lichens on dead tree branches, lichens coated with ice.

blue-gray lichen on dark tree branch, coated with ice
Lichen coated with ice, on an oak branch
blue and green lichen on a branch covered in ice, with an ice-coated oak leaf
Lichens on a fallen tree branch

Nearly hidden in the grass, I found the ice-encased fruiting bodies of a moss. Looking in Walk Softly Upon the Earth, (by Lisa Potter Thomas and James R. Jackson, PH.D. 1985 Missouri Conservation Commission) it looks like a pleurocarpous moss, meaning it has branching stems, but I’m not prepared to identify it further at the moment. Perhaps when it is not icy I’ll have a go at this one.

Moss with fruiting bodies encased in ice
Moss tucked in among the blades of grass
Golden brown moss fruiting body in a droplet, with moss and other fruiting bodies around it
Moss fruiting capsule encased in an icy water droplet
ice-coated green moss with a brown fruiting body with beads of ice
Ice-encased moss with a fruiting capsule

It was a fun walk in the yard, which I followed by a cup of tea and scrambled eggs heated by electricity in our nice, warm house. A day to be thankful for God’s mercy and small wonders.